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The Caffeine Effect: A Little Is All You Need

It’s a brand-new day! To power through your to-do list, you make a beeline towards your coffee machine as soon as your feet hit the floor. While counting on the burst of energy your first sip of coffee promises, you begin your first task with confidence. As noted in the 188金宝搏备用网 ’s 2020 Food and Health Survey of 1,000 U.S. households, many Americans…

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How We Caffeinate: A Celebration of International Coffee Day

September 29th was International Coffee Day, and I for one am here to celebrate. As a long-time coffee lover and current Seattleite, I find that one day doesn’t seem enough to pay homage to this delightful morning beverage. I can have my own mini celebration each morning as I push the plunger in my French press and savor that first sip. While coffee is my…

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A Brief History of Coffee

Picture it: Saturday morning, you’ve found the perfect table in your favorite coffee shop, book in one hand, warm latte in another, the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans in the air. Sounds cozy, but have you ever wondered how the modern coffee shop evolved to this point? Coffee has been around for centuries, and…

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The Long and Short Stuff on Energy Shots Versus Energy Drinks

With the plethora of traditional ways (and alternative ways) in which caffeine is consumed, it would seem that almost every type of food and drink product one can imagine (from beverages to ready-to-eat products to dietary supplements to medications and even mouth fresheners) can contain caffeine. As new caffeinated products emerge, caffeine has been promoted…

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7 Things You Should Know About How Caffeine Works

One thing most people can agree on is that caffeine works! In fact, 85% of Americans reach for caffeine as part of their daily ritual. But how exactly does caffeine get the job done? How does the body process and get rid of it? And why can one person enjoy an espresso after dinner and…

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